Steroid Injections

Steroid Injections

Be you an experienced anabolic steroid user or one who has never touched steroids to begin with there are a host of myths and legends surrounding anabolic steroids and steroid injections are not free from this list of absurdity. Watch any movie that even touches on anabolic steroids and you’re bound to see something very ridiculous; go to any message board and you’ll hear tales of old that simply don’t make any sense. Regardless of where the myth owes its birth we want to dispel a couple prevalent myths surrounding steroid injections and hopefully leave you with nothing but truth and reality. 

Gluteus Maximus Steroid Injections:

The most commonly referred to spot as it pertains to steroid injections is the Gluteus Maximus or “Glutes” as they’re commonly known. If you’re not an experienced anabolic steroid user then as far as you’re concerned all you need to do is grab a syringe and plunge it into your rear end as hard as you can; just stick it in the thickest and meatiest part of your ass and become a monster. That’s what movies and the media has left the public to believe but truth be told steroid injections performed in this manner may indeed be one of the most dangerous methods of all. 

The sciatic nerve, the largest nerve in the human body runs through the lower back, through the glutes and down the lower half of the body. This nerve runs directly through the area of the glutes we commonly see injected in a movie or anti-anabolic steroid add; go ahead, try injecting there; once your paralyzed and can’t walk you’ll be glad you did. 

Steroid injections in the glutes can only be performed in one spot on each glute; the upper outer portion, that’s it. Further, needle size will need to be approximately 1.5” for most individuals but contrary to message board bro science there are those who can easily use a 1” needle with no problems at all. You want to ensure your injections are deep into the muscle, if you do not have a lot of body-fat on your glutes and we do mean very low, think competitive  bodybuilder amounts, 1” is all you need. 

Steroid Injections for Site-Specific Growth:

Inevitably this question is asked over and over and over again; does site injecting work? Let’s be very clear, site injecting does work with things such as site-enhancing oils, SEO’s Synthol, Syntherol as well as things such as IGF-1 to an extent; however, steroid injections will not result in site injected growth. If you inject your biceps this doesn’t mean your biceps are going to grow more than your chest; it simply does not work this way. 

Once injected, steroids enter the muscle and blood stream and distribute evenly throughout the entire body. We cannot inject a particular muscle and expect that muscle to experience growth greater than other muscles simply because its received numerous steroid injections. Granted, with frequent anabolic steroid injections to a certain muscle and this can largely depend on the individual’s sensitivity as well as the anabolic being administered, we may experience a temporary increase in the size of the muscle due to inflammation. Inflammation is not growth; it’s nothing more than an irritated area and it will go away and clear up. Let us be very clear and hopefully put this question and rumor to rest once and for all; anabolic steroid injections will not result in site-specific growth; no matter how special you believe you are, no matter what bro science tells you, it does not work this way and is not humanly possible. 

Myths Overall:

In the end there are countless myths and legends surrounding anabolic steroids; we’ve simply given you and dispelled two prominent myths regarding steroid injections. This should lead you to understand one very important thing; personal education regarding anabolic steroids is of the utmost importance. Mistakes and relying on “what you’ve heard” or “what you hope to be true” can lead to problems, a lack of results or even physical ailments. Do your own homework, learn the truth, live in reality and in the end your anabolic steroid experience will thank you.