Do growth hormone sprays, pills or patches work?

I see many growth hormone sprays, pills and patches on the internet. Are they real?


They are absolutely not because of this simple logic:

  1. Growth hormone (somatropin) is a large and fragile molecule, which is very unstable. At room temperature it degrades within minutes. It is also very sensitive to shaking. Rapid movements will deform the shape of the molecule, which in effect makes it not HGH anymore – if deformed it cannot stick to the receptors. While in injectable liquid form the real HGH has to be refrigerated at all times and handled with care. Sprays, patches or pills are kept at room temperature, thrown around, etc.
  2. The growth hormone molecule is too big to pass through the skin or through the mucous membrane lining inside nose. This is another reason why sprays and patches cannot work.
  3. The body's stomach contains acid, which would destroy HGH as soon as it came in contact with it. This is another reason why pills cannot work.
  4. HGH cannot be produced by plants, so herbal/natural claims are just marketing lies.

If you read the fine print on the HGH sprays, patches or pills it usually says that they don't contain any real HGH but instead contains precursors which supposedly promote the body's own HGH production. This is another marketing lie which can easily be tested with a HGH blood serum test. Find a local lab, capable of testing your blood for HGH serum levels (or IGF-1). Perform a baseline test prior to taking any "growth hormone promoters" and then do a comparison test after you have taken the supplement according to instructions on the packaging.

HGH Spray (deer antler velvet spray)

This is another marketing nonsense used by the supplement pushers. A supplement started "trending" when Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis failed a doping test. He claimed that he used "deer antler velvet spray" to speed up recovery of his torn tendon. The deer antler spray is supposed to contain IGF-1 (muscle growth promoter hormone). This is chemically and biologically impossible because the IGF-1 molecule is even more fragile than somatropin. It would simply get deformed (thus destroyed) by the room temperatures and shaking of the liquid.

Real human growth hormone only exists in injectable form. It is shipped in vials of freeze dried powder – which is stable at temperatures up to 45 degrees celsius (98.6 Fahrenheit) and can withstand shaking during the long transport. When received it should be kept in refrigerator between 2-8 degrees celsius (never frozen). When reconstituted with sterile water it is ready for injection. At that point it should be handled with care (no shaking or leaving it in room temperature) and used up within 20 days of mixing.

HGH Pills

Firstly it is impossible for growth hormone molecules to survive the process of being made into a pill form. Secondly it is impossible for them to survive the room temperatures the pills are kept at. And finally, the growth hormone molecules would never survive coming into contact with the stomach acid when the pills are ingested.

The fine print on any "HGH Pills" box will usually say that it is a "herbal growth hormone promoter" or something similar and that it is supposed to make your body produce it's own HGH. This is pure marketing nonsense if not outright scam.