Liquid vs. freeze dried HGH, is there a difference?

How is liquid growth hormone different from freeze dried HGH powder?

When the freeze dried powder HGH is reconstituted with sterile water it is identical in every way to the liquid version. The liquid version is not suitable for transport because somatropin is a very fragile molecule which gets destroyed with shaking or storage at room temperatures. For this reason most of the HGH today comes in freeze dried (lyophilized) form. As such it will survive room temperatures (up to 37 degrees celsius – 99 fahrenheit) for about 2 months. At temperatures up to 45 degrees celsius (113 fahrenheit) freeze dried HGH will remain good for about a week.

Some brands still exist only in liquid form, those should be obtained only through reputable pharmacies. Never, ever buy liquid HGH on the black market. There is no way to know, how it was stored and what was done with it while it changed hands to finally get to you.