Why is it difficult to buy HGH online?

Why is it so hard to find a reputable growth hormone source?

Short answer

Someone has been working very hard for years to prevent you from being able to buy high quality growth hormone at low prices so that you are left with no other option than to buy their (albeit high quality) HGH at tenfold prices. Can you guess who?

On the other hand low quality HGH is easy to buy online because there is just too much of it for anyone to remove – even when they have unlimited resources.

Long answer

To answer this question properly, I need to briefly explain about the history of online HGH sales and some politics surrounding it. Here goes:

Good times

In the late 1990′s and early to mid 2000′s it was very easy to find and buy high quality growth hormone online without a prescription. In the west (USA, Canada, EU, Australia) it was perfectly legal to buy almost any medicine for personal use. It was ok to import medicine from Aisa as long as it was not classified as a narcotic and the quantity did not exceed what an average person would use within 3 months time. There were no low quality brands on the market because high quality HGH was readily available. There was an ocasional counterfeit copy but that problem was easily solved by introducing verifiable authenticity stickers on the original HGH boxes.

Between 1997 to 2007 the Chinese growth hormone brand Jintropin rose to popularity to the point it rivaled western big pharma HGH brands on their own home markets. Jintropin was by far the most widely used HGH for non-medical use. People used it freely for anti aging, fat loss, bodybuilding, general well being, etc. The manufacturer (Gensci) was not shy to advertise it as such.

Bad times

As western “big pharma” is one of the strongest pilars of “world power” they have their ways of getting things done (influencing politics, etc). As western markets are the only place where they can overprice a product by tenfold and get away with it – it is the only area woth conquering and dominating by any means necessary. To be able to dominate medicine sales on the western markets, they needed to remove the 10 times cheaper Asian competition. This is how it was done:

Plan A was to do it the same way any other industry goes at cheaper Asian products – stereotyping them as low quality and/or dangerous. This didn’t work for growth hormone because users were encouraged to have Jintropin lab tested (and they did). They were able to personally compare the results between Chinese HGH and western big pharma brands. Jintropin’s reputation grew regardless of what was thrown at it – take a look at trends.google.com – search for “Jintropin” and look at the graph during that period. Even Sylvester Stallone was caught importing it into Australia for his own use, which was a huge story back then.

Plan B came in 3 phases. First the “big media” propaganda industry was unleashed with the objective to demonize human growth hormone as a dangerous substance and importing from Asia as very bad in every way imaginable. During that period I had set my google news alerts to receive daily news digest on HGH related topics. Almost every day another sport celebrity was caught using HGH. Celebrity names were used to draw attention to the stories, which then went on to describing how horrible and dangerous the growth hormone is and how something should be done to stop it.

After demonization it was time for phase 2, which was to make HGH illegal to import. In 2007 growth hormone was classified to be in the same group as anabolic steroids and made illegal to buy without a prescription or sell without a license. Who can obtain a license in the western markets? Only western manufacturers, local pharmacies and local doctors. Local doctors are unable to prescribe non FDA approved (any Asian) medicine while local pharmacies are not allowed to sell non FDA approved (any Asian) HGH. Thus the groundwork was successfully laid – after 2007 only western big pharma HGH brands were allowed to be sold in the western markets.

The rules changed overnight which made the non-western based manufacturers and sellers of growth hormone (whose livelyhood depended on the sales) illegal. Thus came the time for phase 3, which was to go after the now “rogue” sellers and manufacturers. In case of Jintropin manufacturer (Gensci) – one day they were good guys for providing high quality product at tenfold lower prices as compared to the big pharma made HGH, the next day their CEO was portrayed in the media as a “drug cartel kingpin” and wanted for trial in USA.

What happened after that is just my educated guess (I have nothing to do with Gensci). The trial for the CEO never happened but some serious politics seemed to be involved. Gensci briefly lost the licence in China to produce Jintropin, some of their money was frozen and possibly “confiscated” or used to pay whoever needed to be paid to let things go. After that, their license was restored, everything was back to normal with one difference – they stopped selling to the western markets.

As the only lab in China capable of producing the highest quality HGH at the time, Gensci’s Jintropin represented 80% of the Chinese HGH market sales. The remaining 20% went to the medium grade Ansomone by Ankebio and a few other small manufacturers capable of producing lower grade somatropin.


THe HGH vacuum left on the western markets was soon filled by countless new brands. Some of them may or may not be produced by Gensci’s know-how, equipment and procedure (*cough* Hypertropin *cough*). The vast majority of the now considered “black market” HGH brands which are avalable today are either counterfeit or low quality “generic HGH” named and branded as the customer/reseller wants (Riptropin, Kigtropin, Getropin, Taitropin, Glotropin, whatever-you-can-think-of-tropin). Some of these brands are made to look as if they are produced in USA or Europe (Europharma, Eurobolic, Euro-whatever). They are even shipped from EU by whoever previously imported them from Asia at wholesale quantities.

The small manufacturers (mostly Chinese, some Indian) seem to have benefited from the illegalization of Asian HGH the most. With the “giant” Gensci barred from selling, the small-timers got a chance to establish themselves. As they are underground labs, their manufacturing practices and techniques are unknown. Chances of them being able to obtain the required multi-million dollar equipment and skilled people necessary to produce proper high quality somatropin are slim. They are able to offer their products at a fraction of the price when compared to the high quality HGH. The low price makes these brands attractive to the resellers, who push them onto end buyers, who are then dissappointed by the results and learn to stay aways from HGH in the future. I run into an ocasional horror story of painful red welts around injection spots, infections, raised HGH antibodies, etc.

Even though there has been no shortage of high quality Hypertropin on the market since 2007 and in the recent years Gensci seems to be recovering by establishing Jintropin legally in Russia, Mexico and some other “third world” countries from where it is apparently being sold to the western black markets again, the damage to the image of “Chinese HGH” might be difficult to repair. New users initially run into any of the low quality brands because they are more affordable. Bad experience then equals more bad reviews for “Chinese HGH”.

Furthermore the big pharma industry with all it’s extensions (FDA, legitscript, etc) is still agressively pursuing online sellers of growth hormone. They even go as far as to force the western domain registrars to confiscate the domains of what they consider to be “rogue pharmacies”. This is effectively any seller not licensed by their attack dog – legitscript.com. It feels as if they own the internet and the rest of the world doesn’t matter. Why? Because they can.

As of recently jintropin.com, hypertropin.com and even ansomone.com appeart to have been taken offline by them, while they don’t seem to be interested in removing the low grade HGH brands (riptropin.com, kigtropin.com, taitropin.com, eurochem-labs.com and many others still online) possibly because they serve to prove their point: “Black market HGH is bad and you will see it for yourself when you try it”.


Proper synthetic HGH has been in recreational use for nearly 30 years and it never hurt anyone, except the big pharma who lost out on the profit due to the cheaper Asian competition undermining their overpriced grip on the western markets. Chinese manufactured HGH is identical or possibly even superior to the western big pharma produced HGH. If for no other reason then due to the simple fact that the competition among Chinese manufacturers is greater – they don’t hide behind copyrights, licences and undermine eachother by lawsuits and legal obstacles. They battle it out in the market. If they want to retain their customers, they will have to be better than their competitors or be gone forever. Western big pharma doesn’t follow this philosophy – they go for the lobbying, sabotage of competitiors, licences for the priviledged, buying out competition to achieve total market monopoly, etc. I guess it might be the difference in mentality between east and west and the different social systems each side comes from.

To protec their ways, western corporations needs to keep cheaper Asian competition at bay by any means necessary. They can’t outright ban Asian products (they would if they could) because 90% of everything is imported from Asia. While they have to keep the door open, Asian HGH sellers find ways to slip their products in.

This is pretty much what they are saying:

“HGH is very bad for you and you should not have acccess to it – for your own protection (unless you buy a big pharma brand from your local doctor at tenfold price, in that case HGH is good for you).”
Hope for the future

If the time comes, when big pharma is no longer interested (or beaten) in HGH sales domination of the western markets, we will see the status of HGH change to what it should always have been – health supplement. Until then, there will be black markets – some freedom providing technology is already a reality (Bitcoin, deep web – ToR, i2p) while more is almost ready to be implemented (open bazaar, dark market). Even an entire peer to peer anonymous internet is being developed at the moment.

For now the Users will have to learn how to use these technologies, how to do lab tests on everything before they put it into their bodies and only buy from sources with good references/reputation (but still have them tested to be sure).