Steroid use

Steroid use

For many athletes thoughts of steroid use cross the mind; for many fitness buffs and the simple everyday gym rat the idea of steroid use is one often at the forefront of thought. There are often questions and concerns but curiosity often wins out; add in extreme determination and you have the perfect formula to ensure steroid use will be in this individual’s future. If steroid use is something you desire or at least a thought you’ve had there are certain things you need to understand.

Side-Effects of Steroid Use:

As with all medications there are side-effects to steroid use; some worse than others but they do exist. Understand, these side-effects are not guaranteed, just as by taking Aspirin you “May” experience side-effects the same can be said regarding anabolic steroid use; possible but not assuredly. One of the most important things you can do regarding possible future steroid use is to educate yourself beforehand. Although side-effects are possible we can greatly reduce and even eliminate many of these side-effects before they ever occur. Education is perhaps the most important factor of steroid use because with education the only side-effects we incur will be positive ones. 

Legality of Steroid Use:

Depending on where you live anabolic steroid laws will vary. In some countries it is legal to walk into your local drug store and buy whatever you’d like. In others it is illegal to sell anabolic steroids but it is perfectly legal to possess them for personal use. However, in countries such as the United States, it is illegal to sell or possess anabolic steroids for personal use unless the individual has been given a prescription. If possible steroid use is in your future you need to understand these laws as they pertain to you.

Is Steroid Use Right for You:

Before beginning any regiment of anabolic steroids it is imperative you have a good understanding of your overall health ensuring you are healthy enough for anabolic steroid use. These are very powerful hormones indeed and if you suffer from certain symptoms beforehand anabolic steroids may not be for you. If you suffer from high blood pressure or very high cholesterol, among other things, anabolic steroid use may not be in your immediate future. Beyond personal education, if there is another tool of success it is without question overviewing your overall health before use begins; as well as keeping an eye on it once steroid use takes place. Consult with your physician, develop a plan and go from there; you’ll be very glad you did. 

The Truth:

If you follow the above principles you’re anabolic steroid experience will be that much greater and in truth following the above protocol and taking these words to heart is the only way you should precede with steroid use. Educate yourself, understand these hormones, keep an eye on your health and develop a plan with your physician and above all, follow the law of the land in-which you live.