Steroid Stacks

Steroid Stacks

For any anabolic steroid user the search for the best steroid stacks is always high on the list and for good reason; the more efficient the stack the better the results. While there are numerous steroid stacks we can compile and some will be better suited for different purposes, in general most steroid stacks can work well for bulking or cutting; it’s often when we get into pure athletic performance that this will vary the most. However, regardless of the purpose of use there are universal truths and you better believe it, when it comes to steroid stacks there are a host of myths: let’s dispel a few and leave only truth. 

Steroid Stacks Myths & Truth:

– Myth: Deca-Durabolin (Deca) and Equipoise (EQ) cannot and should not be run in the same cycle because they are virtually the same thing 

-Truth: While in many cases there will be no need to use both Deca and EQ they are in no shape or form the same thing; these are two very different hormones. This idea that they were basically the same drug was originally started by the late great Dan Duchaine but even he would eventually recant. These two hormones serve various purposes, many unique unto their own. Many performance enhancers will use both at the same time; normally a low dose of Deca will be used to relieve joint pain while EQ will play a more primary role if both are used at the same time. However, for pure size Deca will always be a far better choice in in any of your steroid stacks. 

– Myth: Some steroid stacks require no post cycle therapy (PCT.) 

-Truth: While some stacks will be easier on our system than others, for the adult male a PCT should always be applied. No matter the anabolic steroids used in your cycle your natural testosterone production has been diminished. A proper PCT will not only promote your natural testosterone production but will further aid you in keeping the gains you made. More importantly, the sooner we can bring our natural testosterone levels back to normal the better we’ll feel. However, no matter how good your PCT plan is understand your natural testosterone levels will not be normal for some time; the PCT only helps, it does not completely restore. If you choose not to run a PCT you will only prolong the time before your testosterone levels return to a normal state; it does not matter what you’ve heard from this or that guy, it doesn’t matter how genetically gifted you may be; this is a universal truth. 

-Myth: You shouldn’t stack cutting steroids with bulking steroids 

-Truth: First and foremost, get the idea of cutting and bulking steroids out of your head; almost all anabolic steroids can be used for both purposes. Although some you will find better suited for certain purposes, many steroid stacks will have the same anabolic steroids in them regardless of the purpose. For example, the steroid Trenbolone, both in its Acetate or Enanthate form can be one of the most powerful steroids we can use and serves a great purpose in any bulking or cutting cycle. For the competitive bobybuilder never is this little trick truer; the drug Anadrol is often viewed as a bulking agent only in truth it can be used successfully for either purpose as is commonly done by a many competitors. Then there’s of course testosterone, the foundation of most any quality cycle. The list goes on and on but hopefully you get the idea. 

-Myth: Steroid stacks made of underground gear are just as good as ones made of human grade gear. 

-Truth: Due to their price and high availability underground steroids have always been of high popularity. While there are good underground brands this myth in a general sense could very well be the biggest of all. Make no mistake, human grade steroids will always be the cream of the crop, steroid stacks comprised of them will almost always yield better results and will further be the absolute safest stacks of all.