Testo-Cyp Gen 250mg


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International Brand Name Testosterone Cypionate
Packing Strength 1 x Vial 10ml/ 250mg/ ml
Manufacturer Name AVoGen Lab
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The Cypionate ester of Testosterone is very popular among bodybuilders who do not want to inject themselves too often. Cypionate is considered to be a “long-acting” testosterone because it is usually metabolized over seven to eight days. So if you are using test cypionate you can administer the injection every 7 days in order to maintain a stable blood testosterone level.

Bodybuilders and athletes buy Testosterone Cypionate because of its numerous benefits. The focal point of this steroid is nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. Both processes play an important role in the development and growth of the muscles as they increase the content of nitrogen and proteins in the muscles. It also raises the IGF-1 level in the body and thus improves the quality of the muscles as well. It shields the muscles from muscle wasting hormones as well.

The amazing qualities of Testosterone Cypionate are not restricted to muscle building alone. Users also buy Testosterone Cypionate because it increases the red blood cell count in the body and so provides more oxygenated blood to the body besides adding to the stamina in the body. Another advantage athletes get when they buy Testosterone Cypionate is that they can quickly recover from muscle injuries as this steroid increases the activity of satellite cells in the body thereby quickening the healing process.

This steroid is one of those steroids which fulfill a large number of requirements of the users as one of the reasons they buy Testosterone Cypionate is that it also possesses lipolysis or fat burning ability giving the user a lean fit body. The level of aggression is also increased with the use of this steroid which steroids; aggression helps the person to train better and adds confidence during competition.

You can buy Testosterone Cypionate as an intramuscular injection. The recommended dosage for this steroid is 250 mg to 500 mg per week and the cycle should not exceed ten weeks. The newbies are advised to start with a dose as low as 50 mg per week and gradually increase it. If this steroid is taken in a bigger dose than the recommended one and for a longer period of time, side effects may occur some of which may be quite nasty.

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