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International Brand Name SUNTHOL
Packing Strength 1 x Vial 10ml
Manufacturer Name AVoGen Lab
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Synthol is used by bodybuilders as a temporary implant that is injected deep into small muscle groups such as biceps, deltoids, and triceps.1 Why do they do this? Synthol offers immediate enlargement effects that can help them in competition.

In recent years, the pervasive nature of social media has helped spread Synthol use throughout the bodybuilding world and beyond. Such posts spread the word, causing other bodybuilders to start adopting it as part of their competition injections.

Although many think Synthol is a form of steroids, the liquid is actually an enhancement oil comprised of almost all oil.

Synthol is often marketed online as a “posing oil” to rub all over your body and give your muscles that preferred “shine” during competition. But that’s not how bodybuilders typically use it. Rather, they inject the substance right into the body.