Clenbutrol 40mcg


International Brand Name Clenbutrol
Packing Strength 50 x Tabs
Manufacturer Name AVoGen Lab
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Bodybuilders have developed a particular penchant for clenbuterol because it has the rare and perhaps unique feature of being able to go beyond mild mass sparing and into the realm of significant, anti-catabolic tissue building, all while incinerating fat. In other words, it helps you lose the jelly rolls while also helping just a little with size and fullness- without going overboard.

For quite a few years now, clenbuterol has been the drug of choice, especially among fitness chicks. I remember how they would all grub for “clen” around the gym. I mean coast to coast, at nearly every hardcore gym where I’d train, these chicks were like little junkies (and so many still are). Showing them some clen was like showing crack to a crackhead. I’ve known guys who traded clen for locker room oral sex from fitness piggies. Imagine that. I mean talk about strung out! But that’s the way it was and that’s the power of the drug. Chicks will bend over backward for it … literally. I mean some dealers would show up at the gym, open up the back of their cars and make more money peddling clenbuterol to the chickees than juice to the meatheads! It was unreal.

It’s not a lot different today, though it’s all under wraps. Now it’s like a dirty little secret among the pro fitness chicks and physique competitors. But the truth remains that it’s more popular then ever, albeit much harder to obtain.