AVG Primo Acetate 25mg


International Brand Name Primobolan Acetate
Packing Strength 50 x Tabs
Manufacturer Name AVoGen Lab
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Primobolan acetate, also known as methenolone acetate, is an androgen and anabolic steroid medication used to treat anemia due to bone marrow failure. It was first introduced for medical use in West Germany in 1961 and in the United States in 1962. Primobolan acetate is taken orally and has a low virilization rating, making it safe for women to use without worrying about developing facial hair, baldness, or a deeper voice. Primobolan Acetate derives from an altered form of DHT. It has a double bond at the DHT hormone and that is what makes it anabolic. It also has an additional 1-Methyl group which prevents it from breaking down in the liver. The acetate ester also helps to prevent issues with the liver from the use of Primobolan Acetate.

Primobolan Acetate is the only non C17-Alpha Alkylated steroid available. This means it won’t be toxic to the liver in any way. This is a bonus, and an encouraging factor with this anabolic steroid. The downside though it is it far weaker than other options available with various compounds.