Ommadren 250


(Testosterone Mixture)

Omnadren  is a testosterone mixture and is one of the more popular testosterone mixtures on the market, second only to the most popular mixture of all time, Sustanon-250. Much of this anabolic steroids popularity stems out of Europe but in the past decade its popularity has extended to the rest of the world. It was Jelfa Pharmaceuticals out of Poland that really set this compound on fire and from Poland to a host of Eastern European countries this testosterone mixture could not stay on the shelves. Since that time numerous underground labs have started making and mixing their own Omnadren and as you may have guessed this hasn’t been a completely positive thing. As Omnadren’s popularity grew, with the influx of so many underground labs the amount of counterfeit product became enormous; in-fact, while there’s no way to prove this outright we can assume with a strong probability that there is more fake Omnadren on the market than true legit and accurately dosed. In the end, if you’re desiring a testosterone mixture and you’re not a hundred percent sure on the quality of Omnadren at hand you’ll be better served sticking with Sustanon-250, as these two compounds are almost identical. However, if true Omnadren is at your disposal you’ll often find it to be a little cheaper than Sustanon-250 but as we will see both are very similar and both are very good anabolic androgenic steroids.


Omnadren is a mixture of four testosterones, meaning a mixture of testosterone with each testosterone addition carrying with it a different ester. To understand this compound we really only need to understand two things; the hormone testosterone itself, as testosterone’s nature and action doesn’t change and the esters attached to the Omnadren compound; then we can easily understand this mixture.

Testosterone is a naturally produced hormone in all human beings and one of the most important hormones anyone produces; not only is it anabolic in nature but highly important to overall bodily function in a host of areas. By testosterone supplementation we are actively increasing the amount of testosterone in our body and this is done for one of two purposes, as a measure of performance enhancement or to increase levels that are naturally low thereby bringing them up to a more suitable level. In the case of Omnadren we are pretty much only concerned with performance enhancement as it is not really a typical testosterone replacement (TRT) form of testosterone; the majority of TRT patients are prescribed Testosterone-Enanthate, Testosterone-Cypionate, sometimes Testosterone-Propionate and if it is a mixture it will generally be Sustanon-250.

For almost all who supplement with Omnadren as they increase testosterone levels they readily increase the attributes by which it functions; as is the point in performance enhancement, to enhance. Testosterone is essential to the growth of muscle tissue as well as its regeneration and preservation. Further, the hormone plays a vital role in our overall metabolic activity and while these are not its only functions within the body, in-terms of performance enhancement they are the only ones we are greatly concerned with. For more information of the ins and outs of testosterone see any of the single ester based profiles.

On the topic of Omnadren, after all, that’s why you’re here; as a four testosterone mixture Omnadren is comprised of Testosterone-Propionate, Testosterone-Phenylpropionate, Testosterone-Isocaproate and Testosterone-Caproate. As you can see, this is almost identical to the Sustanon-250 mixture with only the final ester being different; Testosterone-Decanoate is in the place of Caproate in Sustanon-250. When you find true Omnadren it will be dosed very specifically and will be as follows:

  • 30mg Testosterone-Propionate
  • 60mg Testosterone-Phenylpropionate
  • 60mg Testosterone-Isocaproate
  • 100mg Testosterone-Caproate

From this mixture we get a compound that provides 250mg/ml of pure testosterone and one that does so in a time release manner. It is important to note, while Sustanon-250 and Omnadren are almost identical the half-life of each is a little different. Testosterone-Caproate carries with it a slightly shorter half-life than Testosterone-Decanoate and as such the total half-life of Omnadren will be a few days less than Sustanon-250.

The Benefits of Omnadren:

The benefits of Omnadren will be the same as any other testosterone form you use, be it another testosterone mixture such as Sustanon-250 or Testoviron or even a single ester compound such as Testosterone-Cypionate. It is very common among gym rats and message boards for individuals to hold staunch beliefs that certain testosterone forms are more powerful than others but when we understand the testosterone hormone we can understand how ridiculous this idea is. The only concern when choosing a testosterone is the ester or in this case esters attached; it is the esters that will change the activity time in-terms of initial and total but it will not change the structure of the hormone. Ester will also have an effect on the total mass of the compound; larger esters take up more mass, thereby meaning each milligram is taken up by more ester the larger it is but this is really not a concern as adjustments can easily be made depending on the form you use.

Of all the benefits Omnadren can provide, from boosting strength and size to enhancing overall athletic performance, its greatest benefit is in its releasing mode of action as one dosing of Omnadren can provide the body with a steady dose of testosterone for a far extended period of time. As this compound is a mixture of small, medium and large esters such an effect is accomplished and when such mixtures are used in TRT plans this can be very beneficial for injection frequency will be spaced very far apart. However, this isn’t of much use to the performance enhancer as maintaining peak Testosterone levels  is more important and this can be a bit harder to do with Omnadren if you’re spacing your injections out too far; in-fact, it would be impossible. To maintain a peak level of testosterone Omnadren must be administered at least every three days but because of the Propionate ester most will find to maintain stable peak levels every other day will be far more optimal.

The Side-Effects of Omnadren:

For those who have an understanding of testosterone this will come as no surprise; Omnadren is simply a mixture of testosterone, therefore the side-effects that may occur will be due to the buildup of estrogen in the body. This is the case with all testosterone forms; once testosterone is present it converts to estrogen via the aromatase process and the larger the dose of testosterone the more there is to aromatize. While this aromatase effect can be a problem it is also one we can very easily control and while the sensitivity of some individuals will be high, for the majority the manner of control will be enough to remove side-effects from our concerns.

The most common side-effects caused by Omnadren use include Gynecomastia, excess water retention, high blood pressure, cholesterol issues and of course testicular atrophy. Yes, testicular atrophy will occur in all who supplement with Omnadren or any testosterone as the very presence suppresses natural production. However, this is not of a great concern, for natural production will begin yet again once Omnadren use is discontinued and during the period of use no natural testosterone is needed as more than enough is being administered exogenously. Once natural production begins again your testicles will return to their normal size and your life continues as normal; keep in mind, testicular atrophy is not as horrific sounding as you might think, it does not mean your testicles disappear, they simply shrink a little in size.

As for the rest of the side-effects, as dose will play a huge role responsible use is highly advised but there are other things to consider as well. The side-effects such as Gynecomastia and water retention are often caused by the buildup of estrogen and if we can reduce this buildup or even largely prevent it then we can largely improve our odds; good news, we can do just that and with authority. Nothing on earth will protect against estrogen like an aromatase inhibitor for as is evident in the name, it actively inhibits the very aromatase process. Of equal importance is our diet and exercise plan; diets rich in omega fats greatly aid in maintaining proper blood pressure and cholesterol and an active lifestyle as you know is imperative to good health.

Omnadren & Sustanon-250:

The argument surrounding Omnadren and Sustanon-250 may be the longest standing in the anabolic steroid performance enhancing world; very similar to the argument between Anadrol and Dianabol but as is the case there the answer here is very clear. The argument itself is very simple, as is the answer and the argument is which one is better and the answer is neither. They are for all intense purposes the same thing; they’re both testosterone, they’re both made of a four part testosterone mixture and each component is the same other than the final ester and the final esters are so similar the difference is negligible at best. One is not more powerful than the other, both are dosed identically in total testosterone, 250mg/ml and in the end it all boils down to where you’re getting it from, for that will determine if one truly is better. As you recall there is a lot of fake Omnadren on the market and while Sustanon-250 is also commonly counterfeited the laws of chance are far more in your favor with Sustanon-250. Even so, we would and could never recommend you live by chance, it is imperative you know where your product is coming from not only in-terms of obtaining good results but maintaining a good state of health.

Omnadren Cycles & Doses:

Regardless of your athletic purpose Omnadren is a fine testosterone to choose and will get the job done regardless of individual goals. As Omnadren is a testosterone form it is a perfect anabolic steroid to build a cycle around and as it is comprised of a hormone you naturally produce (whether you want to or not) it is very well-tolerated in supplemental and even supraphysiological amounts in most healthy adult men. Further, while an excellent foundational anabolic steroid it is also a fantastic steroid on its own; in-fact, if you were going to supplement with anabolic steroids and only one you’d be best served choosing testosterone and Omnadren is just that, pure testosterone.

While Omnadren will almost never be used in TRT patients there is little reason to discuss it beyond performance enhancement plans. For the performance enhancer, while 250mg per week can provide a slight bump in testosterone most will find 500mg per week to be an excellent starting point and in many cases all the Omnadren they will ever need. Absolutely, more can be used but understand there is a strong risk to reward ratio at play; the more you use the greater the results but the more you use the greater the risk of adverse side-effects. In the hardcore anabolic world doses of 1,000mg per week are very common and often in the elite competitive bodybuilding world they can get much higher than that even double. No, we cannot and will not recommend such a high dose; while it is possible to supplement with 1,000mg per week safely it is a risk and much past this mark will almost guarantee some level of adverse reaction.

The majority of users will find anything less than 12 weeks of Omnadren use to be a waste of time with 16 weeks being optimal but 12 weeks often being a very good place to start. Yes, again, you can use it longer and you can do so safely if you do so responsibly but you will need to discontinue use at some point and let your body normalize in order to maintain good health and proper hormonal function. Once you do come off a solid PCT plan is highly recommended; most quality PCT plans will include Nolvadex and HCG but Clomid  is fine if Nolvadex is not available. Once use is discontinued you will find waiting approximately two weeks to start your PCT to be optimal, as Omnadren does carry a very long ester and you need to allow time for it to begin to clear before PCT plans begin.