Please Read Carefully Before Considering of Utilizing DNP

DNP (2,4-Dinitrophenol)

If you’ve spent any time in the world of performance enhancement there’s a pretty good chance you’ve at least heard of DNP after all, we’re talking about a miraculous substance yet one that is riddled with danger and these types of substance are often spoken of more than others. In the world of performance athletics you’ll find this substance is rarely used and for good reason, it can as we’ll see destroy performance but in the world of competitive bodybuilding and of the hardcore gym rat it seems to hold a place, although definitely for a small minority.

Much of what the bodybuilding world knows of DNP is in thanks to the late Dan Duchaine, often viewed as the Godfather of hormones and performance drugs. Let’s be clear and get straight to the point; DNP use in humans has one purpose and one purpose only, to burn fat and it will do so unlike any other item on earth; in-fact, there is no single or combination of fat burners you could ever take that will come anywhere close to the raw power of DNP. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it but before you get too excited understand the truth; DNP is perhaps the most dangerous substance any performance enhancer could ever take. You understand the potential side-effects that can occur with anabolic steroids use, commonly including Gynecomastia, water retention, slight liver toxicity, etc. well potential DNP side-effects blow those out of the water; this stuff can actually kill you. In simplistic terms DNP is a poison; at one time it was actually used as an explosive and is still sometimes used in certain dyes and as a wood preservative. Nevertheless it remains the most potent fat burner of all time, so potent and beneficial to this end that in spite of horrific side-effects studies continue to this day in order to find a way to perfect it, for if perfected, meaning, safety is assured DNP could easily change the appearance of society into one lean mean fighting machine.


An unnaturally occurring man made substance, DNP belongs to a small class of compounds that in many ways, while not 100% accurate can be labeled as manufactured toxins. It’s mode of action, while strong is relatively simple by which the substance uncouples oxidative phosphorylation thereby increasing both body temperature and overall metabolic rate. So how does this work exactly? By its very nature DNP readily and rapidly destroys ATP, in-fact it thrives and fuels off of it and literally drains your muscle stores of all ATP. By this action the mitochondria are necessarily required to create more ATP to meet desired function or perhaps in most simplistic terms convert food into ATP.

As you may have already guessed this action requires the body to use a lot more energy than it normally would and since fat is stored energy and burning stored energy is how fat is lost you can begin to see how powerful this stuff really is. With DNP in one’s system because its very presence causes you to burn more energy everything you now do requires just that, more energy. As the body’s energy requirements are increased the rate in-which your food is used for energy is greatly enhanced thereby causing you to necessarily break into stored fat for energy at a high accelerated rate. All of this means your metabolic rate is greatly enhanced and we’re not talking about a slight increase, we’re speaking of increases of 50% at a minimum and some have speculated such metabolic increases can get close to even a 100% increase; we cannot responsibly say that it gets that high though but 75%-85%, absolutely. Compare this to some of the over the counter fat burners that do well to create a 1% metabolic activity increase and you can see how powerful DNP really is. DNP is so powerful that for all intense purposes we can simply say it destroys fat cells.

The Benefits of DNP:

To understand the benefits of DNP we really only need to say two words, “Fat Loss” beyond that there is no other benefit to this synthetic chemical. When you examine many of the other profiles here you’ll find that most all anabolic steroids have a multitude of purposes as well as several of the non-steroidal compounds such as SERM’s, AI’s and Peptides, as well as many secondary functions; that simply isn’t the case with DNP. When it comes to DNP we are not talking about an anabolic steroid, it is often talked about in conjunction, as both are generally and necessarily used at the same time but a steroid it is not. When we talk about DNP the truth is very simple, we’re talking about fat loss plain and simple but when steroids are added we are assuredly talking about pure fat loss and not simple body weight loss.

As DNP thrives off of ATP it can be easy to lose a fair amount of muscle tissue if you’re not careful; this is where anabolic steroids come into play. The same can be said when we supplement with Liothyronine Sodium (T-3), however, to a far less degree. For this reason, if you are to benefit fully from the rewards DNP can provide, you are highly advised to supplement with some course of anabolic steroids. Make no mistake, we are not telling you to use DNP, in-fact, we would advise in most all cases that you do not, as the risk involved far outweighs any benefit in fat loss it can provide. An amazing compound there is no doubt but the danger is so great, as we will shortly see that the intended and desired benefit may indeed cost you a lot.

The Side-Effects of DNP:

All medications and all hormones carry with them the potential for negative side-effects but in the case of DNP we are not talking about a medication or hormone in the traditional sense; if we are to label DNP correctly we are simply speaking of a harsh compounded chemical. Yes, DNP carries with it the potential for some very harsh side-effects and there is no way to predict how you will react. That said, some will be able to use it somewhat safely without the worst side-effect occurring; the worst side-effect to DNP use being death.

One of the more common side-effects to DNP use is vision problems and even blindness; however, this has been proven to be largely dose dependent and if doses are kept low and it doesn’t take all that much to receive the desired effect, vision problems will not be a concern. If you further supplement with pyruvate you will indeed protect your eyes from any impending problems.

As DNP rapidly increases metabolic efficiency it necessarily heats up the body and also drains you of fluid; the greater your metabolic rate the greater such instances will be and it is very easy to get overheated and dehydrated with DNP use. For this reason one must consume massive amount of water to remain safe and when we speak of massive, the amount you have in your mind, well you should probably at least double it. It’s also advised you avoid a lot of activity that’s going to really heat you up, such as the beach or working in the yard; the risk is simply too great.

DNP has also been shown to dramatically lower T-3 and TSH levels in the body, thereby causing an extreme loss of energy and lethargy. For this reason many will supplement with Cytomle (T-3) while taking DNP. Thyroid hormones are essential to good health and without your body cannot function properly in a host of ways and the last thing you want is to create some sort of thyroid disorder. As energy will be drained with DNP use, after all, DNP thrives and survives off of ATP you will need to ensure enough calories are being taken in to meet this need and you may find some sort of energy boosting supplement along with a regular multi-vitamin supplement to be of the utmost importance.

As you may have guessed, as DNP feeds on ATP and fat is just that, raw energy, it also dramatically reduces glycogen stores; in-fact, the ability to get a pump when training while supplementing with DNP can in most cases become virtually impossible. For this reason many believe Ketogenic diets are not a good call when DNP is being used; while they may prove to be a little harsher when DNP is used we cannot make this assumption for if enough quality fats are in your system all the energy requirements should be met. However, you will feel much better including carbs in your diet and with DNP you can probably include as much as you want as this chemical will burn and fuel off of every last morsel of food that enters your body.

DNP & Performance Athletics:

It’s no secret; there are a lot of bodybuilders that supplement with DNP, a majority, no, but still quite a few. However, while this substance is dangerous for anyone who takes it, yet highly effective in burning fat, when it comes to performance sports there is simply no way to recommend DNP, even if the harsh side-effects didn’t exist we still couldn’t recommend it. As you recall DNP dramatically drains energy and you need energy to perform and as an athlete when this energy isn’t there your desire to perform is not going to be enough to make up for it. You’re ability to perform will decrease, your endurance will decrease, your cardiovascular efficiency will decrease, as your heart and lungs will have to work much harder to meet the needs DNP requires of them and the requirements are high. We can safely say while this is the most powerful fat burner of all time, for a performance athlete it is without question the worst thing they could ever take.

DNP Cycles & Doses:

In the world of bodybuilding where DNP is most commonly found a dosing of 600mg per day is not uncommon and such a dose can be taken safely; however, while we cannot recommend you ever use DNP to begin with, if you do we would prefer a lower dose of approximately 400mg per day. Remember, it does not take a lot to see any fat burning, no, it doesn’t take much at all and if you get greedy and try to speed the fat loss up you won’t; all you’ll do is severely damage your body. Most will also find 2-3 weeks of use to be the maximal time frame of use; that may not sound like much but when you think about what that short time frame can do it’s mind-blowing. As DNP can burn a full pound of body-fat per day one could easily drop 20lbs of pure fat in that time frame, not 20lbs of bodyweight but 20lbs of pure fat and that is absolutely amazing. For the first time user 300-400mg per day for a 2 week course is the only reasonable course of action and if another 2 week course is needed it is recommended at least 4-5 weeks of no DNP be put in place in-between the two 2 week runs.

What food and supplements should I take while on a DNP cycle:

  • Water – One or two gallons a day. Dehydration is the leading cause of DNP problems, including death.
  • Fruit – Glycogen will be depleated. Fructose is good.
  • Protein – Diet should be heavy on protein.
  • Fiber – DNP can be rough so you may want to regulate (pun intended).
  • Complex Carbs – Carbs will make you hot. You should try to time your carb intake so that you are not eating carbs before workouts or before sleep.
  • Multi vitamin – You are likely to be on a rescticted diet and you will need to supplement.
  • Antioxidants – To stop the free radicals
  • Electolytes – V8 is good.
  • Melatonin – If necessary, to help you sleep.
  • ECA stack – If necessary, to boost your energy levels.