Cytafren  is one of the most fantastic anti-estrogen medications in-terms of its raw suppressing power and equally amazing due to an added benefit revolving around cortisol; however, as true as this may be most performance enhancers will have very little use for it. In short, the only ones who will ever find any real use for Cytadren will be those in competitive bodybuilding circles with other athletes possessing little to no reason to use this medication.


Comprised of the active drug Aminoglutethimide, Cytadren is produced by Novartis as a means to combat breast cancer; as is common with such medications but it is further used to combat Cushing's syndrome as well. In short, Cytadren has two specific functions, both revolving around suppression:

  1. Inhibiting the aromatase process, thereby inhibiting estrogen conversion
  2. Inhibiting pregnenolone conversion, thereby inhibiting cortisol buildup

With both responsibilities Cytadren does an excellent job; in-fact, it will inhibit aromatase so well that estrogen will be suppressed to a larger degree than with most any other medication. This is important to the athlete as many anabolic androgenic steroids convert into estrogen and by-which many unwanted side-effects occur. The most common estrogenic related side-effects include but are not limited to:

  • Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement)
  • Excess Water Retention/Bloat
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Improper Cholesterol

As these side-effects may be caused by estrogen, when the hormone is suppressed by first being inhibited we largely remove any concern for such side-effects.

Then consider Cytadren’s powerful cortisol suppressing effect; cortisol as you understand is a muscle wasting hormone of the glucocorticoid family. As such, by its nature it destroys muscle tissue and promotes fat buildup; two ingredients for disaster. Obviously it should go without saying; less cortisol equals a better physique and higher performance.

When to use Cytadren

From the looks of what’s been discussed it’s easy to see that on cycle is the best time for Cytadrenuse and really the only time. This is important to note as many related medications are often used during cycle and as part of a post cycle therapy (PCT) plan as well. However, most other related medications while estrogen suppressing or binding (depending on the one at hand) also increase testosterone, the main purpose of a PCT plan; Cytadren lacks this effect.

More importantly, as during a course of anabolic steroid use will prove to be the only time a performance enhancer will use Cytadren there are some important notes to consider. To begin the benefits in total do not last for an extended period of time; especially considering cortisol blocking, the body appears to adapt to this medication rather quickly. More importantly it is also a very hepatic medication and should only be used in short durations to begin with due to this fact.

As most other anti-estrogen related medications will protect the individual from nasty side-effects from steroid use and are generally more side-effect friendly themselves most will find little use for Cytadren unless competitive bodybuilding is part of their pursuit. Even then it is not a necessity but many bodybuilders  still supplement with Cytadren the last few weeks before a show in-order to gain a harder and dryer look. As Cytadren dramatically suppresses estrogen it is well-suited for this purpose.